Rising Temperatures In Delhi(Online)

When the rising temperatures in Delhi touched 42 degrees Celsius, i went out to click pictures for the changing weather.

One of the pictures got published on the Hindustan Times website in their photo gallery dated 10th May,2017.

Here is the link :


The Original Photograph:

DSCN0294 (2a)


Restaurants,Lost Heritage of Connaught Place(Online)

This assignment was done to highlight the restaurants in Connaught  Place which were established before 1950 and have still maintained their position,flavours and clientele. These restaurants go back to as early as 1929.

It was a solo assignment done over 2 weeks.The Photo gallery was uploaded on the Hindustan Times website on 25th April 2017.

Here is the Link:


Here are the images published in the gallery :


Connaught Place: Then&Now (Online)

I did an assignment for the Hindustan Times website on the changing face of Connaught Place,New Delhi. There were pictures from the past that I tried recreating, seeing how the landscape,shops and buildings have changed over the last 50-60 years.

It is dated April 04,2017 and took about a week to complete.

Here is the Link :





Delhi Spring Season 2017 (Online)

Online gallery published on the official website of the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times , Dated 15th March 2017.

The photographs were clicked over a span of 3 days in Lodhi Garden,New Delhi and Sanskriti School,New Delhi. 7 pictures were selected for the gallery.

Here is the link to the same:


Here are the pictures which were selected:


Delhi Nursery Admissions 2017(Newspaper)

The 1st List of the Delhi Nursery Admissions came out on 7th March 2017, Tuesday. I assisted a Hindustan Times photographer on the same day.

One of the pictures I clicked was chosen for the Hindustan Times Newspaper Article for the same ,dated 8th March 2017.It was Published on Page 2 in the Metro Section of the newspaper.        IMG_2495

The Original Image :



Animals and Birds without Mates in National Zoological Park,New Delhi

Online article published on the official website of the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times , Dated 27th February 2017. The pictures in the article were clicked by me.

Here is the link to the same.



A male African Elephant Alone in his enclosure


A male jaguar resting alone in his enclosure


A female One Horned Rhino waiting for her potential mate


A Brahminy Kite caged alone